Vital statistics
Type Unknown
Tool Any
Physics None
Blast resistance  ?
First added Alpha 0.3.3
Hex 255
Dex FF Bin 111111

.name, or coded as Fire is a temporary block that was exclusive to Pocket Edition and was available from 0.3.3 and removed 0.7.0. This was added due to a bug in fire spreading. The block can act glitchy when mined, and can take lots of time to break. It's sprite is the same as Stone. There is still more infomation to be found for .name. .name can be found through hex editing.



Version # Info Date added
0.3.3 Removed fire and was replaced by .name. August 9, 2012
0.7.0 Removed .name and was replaced by fire. June 5, 2013


  • .name lasted exactly 300 days on Pocket Edition.
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