Vital statistics
Type Utility
Tool Any
Physics  ?
Blast resistance  ?
First added Pocket Edition 0.1.0
Hex 1CB
Dex 456 Bin 000111001000
The camera is an item exclusive to Pocket Edition. It is bugged, and was scrapped, although the camera skin can be found in the files. It was meant to be added in Pocket Edition version 0.1.0.

How to useEdit

Equip the camera in your hand, then look in the direction you want the photo you want to take. Drop the camera, and the camera itself will stand where you are. Step in front of the camera, and smoke particles will appear. This means the photo was taken. The camera can be found in these files:

  • Android.svg: sdcard/games/com.mojang
  • Apple iOS.svg: /var/mobile/Applications/Minecraft PE/Library/Caches/Screenshots

The camera is planned to be added in the future, with better usage.[1]

History Edit

Pocket Edition AlphaEdit

Version # Summary Date
0.1.0 The camera was found in the APK file[2][3] and archived to Minecraft Forums.[4]
  2. Reddit - Found image file for Camera in Minecraft Portable Edition Demo APK file.
  4. Minecraft Forums - I FOUND THE CAMERA ID!

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