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Planned versionsEdit

# Planned changes
  • Some Realms bug fixes[1]
  • Crash bugs[1]
0.8.0[2] Additions:
  • Minecarts
  • Ice in creative mode
  • Rails[3]
  • Powered Rails (Will always be powered)[4]
  • Redstone (can be crafted and smelted, but no redstone dust can be formed until 0.9.0)[5]


  • Creative mode menu updated
  • New creative blocks[6]
    • Flint and Steel[7]
  • Far render distance
  • Sneaking and Sprinting new controls[8]
  • Smarter mobs (improved Mob AI)
  • Shadows depends on Sun position[9]
  • Water and sky lighter color[10]
0.9.0[11] Additions:
  • New biomes[11]
  • Possible infinite worlds[11]
  • Possible addition of caves[11]

Planned items, blocks, features and gameplayEdit

Name Info
Camera[12] (Minecon 2012) As said in Jbernhardsson's livestream and PE's panel, they are trying to implement cameras.
Infinite worlds[12]

(Minecon 2012) As said in PE's panel, they are trying to implement infinite worlds.

Redstone[12] (Minecon 2012) As said in PE's panel, they are trying to implement Redstone.
Sky updates Jbernhardsson Tweeted that stars, sunrise, and other updates to the sky would be implemented in a future update.
Customizable skin[13][14] Jbernhardnasson Tweeted that skin would be customizable in a future update.
Caves[15] Jeb said that caves can spawn in Options, which would be implemented in a future update.
Nether Reactor Core replacement[16] Johan said that the Nether Reactor Core could be replaced, with a possible Nether addition in Beta.

Johan said, through livestream, more foods could be implemented.

Wolves[18] Johan said, through livestream, wolves would be implemented in the future.
Breeding [17] Johan said that breeding could release this year.
Endermen [17] Johan said that endermen could be implemented soon.
In-Game Music [17] Johan said that music could be added in 4-5 updates.
Enchanting [17]

Johan said that Enchanting could be implimented, but he isn't sure if he can impliment that.

Chat Scrolling[19] Johan said he could keep that in mind.
Skin packs[17] Johan mentioned it on the 0.7.0 livestream that skin packs would be implemented with skin customization.
IP address join[20] Before 0.7.0 released, Johan said on twitter that IP address join could be in the future.
Add Realm To Your World's Menu[21] This is planned to be added in Beta, as Amir said.
Changed Button Texture[22] Tommaso would like to change the button texture because he says the current texture is too "plain".
Flat Worlds and Shadows[23] As Tommasso tweeted, he is working on Flat Worlds and Shadows.
Harder and Smarter Hostile Mobs[11] Johan said that smarter and harder mobs will be added.


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