The Aether is a mod created by Kingbdogz and Jaryt23. It is one of the most popular mods. It features the Aether
realm, which, guessed by the name, is the opposite of the Nether.


In order to download the mod, you must have the following mods.

  1. Minecraft Forge
  2. Player API
  3. Player Render API (same as Player API)

Version HistoryEdit

Main article: The Aether (mod)/Version history

Blocks Edit

Main article: The Aether (mod)/Blocks


Main article: The Aether (mod)/Items


Main article: The Aether (mod)/Mobs


Main article: The Aether (mod)/Dungeons


  • The greek word Αιθήρ, which means "fresh, pure air" or "clear sky", translates to Aether in English.
  • There is a sequel to this.

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